This is a hackathon dealing with the quantification of human eating behavior and the applications of such data. Not only can attendees make a huge impact with their ideas, as eating affects all areas of human life, but there is also a $5000 prize pool.

Unlike many other hackathons, we don’t want the innovation to only happen during the event. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and we want to get participants talking to each other and generating ideas well in advance of the main event. We’ll have channels for online discussion as well as organize a pre-event meetup in the area.

Then, on September 19, 2015, we will announce a set of challenges. Participants, whether gathered at the venue at Harvard University, or with the option to attend remotely, will have 24 hours to form teams and work on projects related to these challenges or just generally to the overall theme.

Apply Now!

Who are we looking for?

Anyone with a mind for science and a creative personality is welcomed. Certain skill sets may be especially useful though.

Particularly, we expect that many of the most useful projects will be at least somewhat hardware based, as the goal is to spurn innovation of methods for tracking eating behavior that go beyond self-report, and therefore grounded foremost in sensors, rather than apps.  Thus, those with hardware skills or experience developing software that makes use of hardware will be especially sought after.

Additionally, we would be very happy to receive applicants with skills or great ideas in the areas of:

  • (Big) data analysis
  • Experimental methodology design
  • Therapy for behavioral modification


We won’t be announcing these till the big day of the event, but if you participate in the online discussion pre-event, as well as stay tuned for our newsletters and blog posts, you’ll probably get a good idea of what some of the main themes will be.


There is a prize pool of $5000. We will be distributing this pool between prizes for the various challenge themes. Additionally, we will retain a portion of the prize money as a discretionary prize pool distributed among any projects of high merit.

Attending from Out of Town

If you are outside the Boston/Cambridge, MA area, you have a couple of options to participate:

  • Let us know in the application that you are interested in coming from out of town. Several possibilities here:
    • You can bring bedding and sleep at the venue overnight, or
    • We can try to find you a host to stay with among local attendees, or
    • We are working to get a deal for discounted lodgings at a local hotel
    • AND,¬†stay tuned to learn about an opportunity to get a travel grant to attend.
  • Attend virtually and submit a video presentation.
    • Do so from anywhere you like, or
    • If you know other people in your area that would be interested, consider hosting a satellite event. Sean, our head hacker, has organized several satellite hackathons on no budget. Tick the box indicating your interest in the application and we’ll follow up with advice and support to make your remote meetup a success.