Miguel Alonso-Alonso (Lead Scientist)

Miguel is a neurologist, scientist, innovator and professionally trained musician. Since 2014, he has directed the Laboratory of Bariatric and Nutritional Neuroscience at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, where he conducts creative laboratory-based studies on human eating behavior. His work involves an eclectic, dynamic and evolving mix of neuroscience, psychology, nutrition, medicine and technology. A native of Galicia, northwest Spain, Miguel has been obsessed with food since his childhood and one of his dreams is to find new ways of measuring and facilitating healthy lifestyle behaviors to help real people.

Greta (Munchy’s Manager/Logistics)

Greta is the manager of the Laboratory of Bariatric and Nutritional Neuroscience at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She joined the lab in 2011 after completing her studies in Neuroscience and Computer Science. Her work includes the design and implementation of innovative research methodologies for the study of eating behavior and neurocognition. When not dreaming up new study ideas or prototyping new gadgets for the lab, she spends her time in outdoors. She hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, 2185.3 miles, in 2014 and can identify an impressive number of birds and other wildlife.

Sean Manton (Head Hacker)

Sean loves hackathons and is extremely excited to be leading the hackathon portion of our event.. A graduate of BU’s Biomedical Engineering program with a minor in music, he joined the Bariatric Neuroscience lab right after a stint of going to hackathons every weekend. He has participated in over a dozen hackathons, including a few that he organized, and won several prizes over the course of his hacking career. Some of his more notable hackathon accomplishments include leading a team to win the grand prize for the Rare Genetic Diseases track at MIT’s Healthcare Grand Hackfest in 2014, as well as having his prize winning hack for Music Tech Fest Boston featured on BBC Click.

Kostas Papadopoulos (Outreach)

Kostas is a BU Neuroscience and Computer science student who joined our lab in 2013 as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute funding awardee for the research of brain activity during inhibitory control over food. As a native of Greece, Kostas is a proponent of the Mediterranean diet and he is particularly interested in its implications on the brain and in eating behavior. Currently, his lab involvement is focused on neurotechnological methods, such as Eye-tracking, for advancing our understanding of meal-related food choices. Out of the lab, Kostas is an active musician and a nutrition blogger.

Munchy (Adorable Mascot)

Munchy is a mysterious ambassador from the future of eating tracking. His eyes closed, he dreams sweet dreams, safe and comfortable in the knowledge that the contents of his belly is always perfectly recorded and transmitted via his antennae for analysis that guides him to make the happiest and healthiest eating decisions.